Date Night continued


We went on the Date but did we really? We went to pick up stuff for the kids and to dinner and talked but we talked about the kids. What we had coming up the kids schedules the start of school. All we could have done at home. I am worried that we forget how to communicate as a married couple. We talk about money, kids, household things, and his job. When you get married and have kids is that all you ever talk about? On our date we talked about our date next month. We decided to try something different we are going to do something fun. We talked about going to an adult arcade and we agreed not to talk about the kids. We also agreed that when we go on our once a month Dates to try new things and talk not talk about the kids. I hope that we can do it? I hope that we learn how to be married couple. Do you think it will work out? Can a married couple fall in love all over again? Can two OLD (lol) people learn to have fun again? Can we also learn to communicate again? Here to hoping this all works out because I am not ready to give up on us.

2 thoughts on “Date Night continued

  1. You’re agreeing on future dates! That’s a great sign! Hang in there, love is not a feeling but a commitment. The feeling you wish for comes when you look in his eyes and smile. It’s still there, it just takes a few times to break down the walls.

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