My Middle Monster❤️

Mom Life

I heard this song this morning and I lost it because it made me think about how fast my daughter grew up. I started thinking about dolls I know that sound crazy but I thought how and when did we get to the point where she no longer plays with dolls? It all hit me at once I am crying writing this. My only daughter is growing up way to fast for me. No more dolls and mom can you do my hair now it is can I go to the mall or please please can we go to see her favorite boy band. I miss my little Monster. Why did you have to grow up so fast? Where did the time go? I miss the days of “mommy can you play house with me I will be the mommy” or “mommy can you braid my hair” I miss her calling me MOMMY she only calls me that now when she wants something. I was not prepared for this. I wish I had spent more time playing dolls or house. If I had only know how fast it would go away. Now she is a teenager looking at high school thinking about college telling me she want to go to a college far away😢😢😢 I only hope that this time in her life will go by slow but I know probably not. So if you have a child enjoy every single minute good and bad because before you know it you will be crying listening to a song thinking where did the time go? By the way the song was Thomas Rhett “To the guy who date my girls” enjoy some pictures of my middle Monster

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