When is to early?

Christmas, Holiday, Mom Life

I want to start by saying I am one of those crazy people who loves Christmas. I listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas movies way to early😀 I wanted to see how other people feel because my husband thinks I am nuts he hates that I like to start planning early. I start planning around the time the kids start back to school. As you know I have 3 little Monsters 2 of them are teenagers so the the Christmas lists are ridiculous. My husband and I set limits but I think you have to set limits that are age appropriate. I am not going to spend the same amount on my 7yr old and 14yr old. When is the right time to start planning? Honestly with the gifts the kids ask for these days you have to start saving in March😂 I am a crazy Christmas person but I think somethings start to early like Christmas stuff in stores or stores having to be open on thanksgiving just so people can get a good deal on a TV. What about the people who have to work?

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