Hard topic

Mom Life

My youngest monster came home telling me that he had a drill at school. I said “oh a fire drill” he said “ no a active shooter drill” I was taken back don’t get me wrong I know that in today’s sick scary world they need to have them. But I was watching my 7yr old tell me what he had to do “mommy I have to be very quiet we have to barricade ourselves against the wall and the teacher will lock the door” I was thinking what is this world coming to. I asked him do you have any questions he did “mommy how will you know where I am? How will you know that I am ok? How will you know this is happening?” He said “don’t worry it will not happen to me I am only in the second grade.” I then had to explain that it can happen to anyone in any grade and the school just wants you to know what to do if it does happen. I said it is ok to be scared of it does happen but please remember to be very quiet and listen to your teacher and always remember mommy and daddy love you very much. What else do you say? When my husband and I were kids we never had to deal with any of this. The only thing I can hope is that it never happens and if it does happen he will know what to do. His school has upgraded there systems and policy’s. I think it is very scary that when you send your child to school you have trust a system and policy’s.

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