Stay at home mom life!!!!!

Mom Life

MORNING I am a stay at home mom like most other moms. My husband works 2 jobs (I know I might get hate I am only going to address this once for our family this is what works my husband has worked 2 jobs from the age of 18. we also have a medically complex special needs child so please keep your comments to yourself) My day starts like most others the alarm goes off at 5:45 am I snooze till 6am I wake up the 2 oldest monsters. (the youngest monster is already awake he is up at 5am lets be honest I am almost always up with him) I grab clothes for my youngest monster then head downstairs. I start to make lunches and make drinks. I also get everything ready for my sons feeding tube for the day. I fight with the teenage monsters about stuff like what do you want for lunch and ” hell no you are not walking out of the house in that.” I send the teenage monsters off at 6:32. The second part of my morning starts this is the hardest I have to fight with my youngest about getting dressed, putting shoes on, what he wants for lunch, and pick up all your toys. Then relief comes 7:45 the bus pulls in the driveway. I hug and kiss him and send him off. Coffee Coffee the most glorious part of my day LOL. I then start with my Mommy duties cleaning up the morning tornado, laundry, house chores, and figure out dinner. About 10am I start waking up my husband this could take anywhere from half and hour to and hour he is like having anther Monster LOL. Some mornings I make him breakfast most days it is lunch because he is not out of bed till lunch time. This is just my morning.

AFTERNOON. After my crazy morning the afternoon starts. The teenage monsters grace me with their presents about 2:10. My afternoon fight starts with things like snacks, homework, chores, phones, screen time, and playing that awful game fortnite(I hate this game) The youngest monster comes home anywhere from 3 to 3;30. I have to decide how my afternoon will go with him on how is day was somedays are very hard for him. On hard days I pick my battles with homework. Hard day are the worse for me because I never know what he is going to be like. Most days when he gets home he has snack then starts his homework and chores. When we finish homework we set a time limit with TV time or video games. When all the monsters are all done with their afternoon chores and homework they get there screen time this Mom has to start her afternoon chores cleaning out lunchboxes, filling dishwasher, then start dinner.

NIGHT I love night time because that is when the monsters talk to me about their days. I cook dinner and the monster talk to me. When dinner is over the monster help me clean up then we do our nighttime routine baths, teeth, and reading then bedtime. My husband will come home around 7 to 8 Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Tuesday-Friday he will get home anywhere from 6 to 8. I always make him a plate he eats well I do the bedtime routine. When all the little monster are in bed my husband and I talk about our days and figure out the next day. Then it is relax time for us. Then finally Bedtime!!!!!!!!!!!!

These pictures pretty much sum up my life😂😂

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