How can you?

marriage, Mom Life

How can you sit in the same room with your husband and feel like he doesn’t even see you? I know that my husband loves me but I feel like with everything going on with our monsters and work we forget. I feel like after you get married and the honeymoon period you can get all caught up in everything and forget to look at each other and really see the other person. I think you forget to put your marriage first sometimes. I just wonder how long can this go on before you forget all together? I know that being married is like having a job and you always have to work at it but how long can you work alone? I think husbands just assume that the wife should always be doing the work. Marriage is a 2 person job! How do you tell your husband he needs to put in the work too and having it come from a loving place? I love my husband very much but I am getting tired of working alone I just don’t see the point.

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