Winter shopping?

marriage, Mom Life

I am going to first say my family lives in the New England area!!! We have very cold unpredictable winters. My teenager Monster refuse to wear winter jackets it drives me nuts. My oldest Monster has even tried many times to wear shorts. We had to set a rule that he is only aloud to wear shorts on days it will be over 65 degrees. I asked my teenage Monster to please try on the jackets that I did buy to see if they still fit. they both told me “why we don’t wear them” I said ok do you need new hats a gloves. They both said “for what!” I could just scream I know that this is a teenage thing because I see all there friends doing the same things. All I could think about was them getting sick. This drives me insane. Am I the only Monster keeper who gets so frustrated with her teenagers about this? How do you get them to wear their winter coats? How long will this last?

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