Winter bucket list!!!

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I know that there are a lot of these going around everyone is making them. I wanted to make one a little different. I want to make a bucket list for my family to give back this holiday season and for us to find ways for us to spend more time as a family. I want our family time to be disconnected.(meaning with electronics and social media) I also want our family to learn the really meaning of the holidays.

Family winter bucket list!!!!

  • Play in the snow ❄️
  • Build a snowman☃️
  • Enjoy a movie at least 1 night a week 📼🎅🏼
  • Buy gifts to donate🎁
  • Visit a wishing tree and fulfill some wishes
  • Do something nice for someone else
  • Bake some cookies for the fire department
  • Make new memories
  • Play board games
  • Enjoy some hot chocolate
  • Read some Christmas books📚
  • Dance to some Christmas music🎶🎵🎄🎅🏼
  • Be a secret Santa to a neighbor🎅🏼
  • Decorate the Christmas tree 🎄
  • Bake or make a fun new meal together
  • Ride around and look at Christmas lights
  • Take family Pictures📸
  • Enjoy spending time together

I hope that as a family we can learn some new things. I hope we can learn more about each other. Most of all I hope my family reconnects. In the times that we are living in with so much on social media and everything geared around electronics I think we forget how to communicate. When did society forget how to have real conversations? How do we get back to really talking? I don’t want my little monsters to think this is how life should be. I want my family to have Holidays like when I was a kid with lots of family, yelling, fighting over who had the best gingerbread house or who gave the best gift. I want my Monsters to enjoy the holidays in real time not later when they look at there phones.

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