This past weekend I helped my in-laws clean out there attic. I know crazy right. I wanted to help because they save everything I mean everything. We cleaned almost all day. I loved seeing the things they saved because it gave me glimpses into my husbands childhood. (my husband grew up like an American dream LOL his parents have been married for 38 yrs he only lived in 2 houses the second for all of his school yrs. He lived the life I always dreamed.) The best part of the day was when we decided to stop my husband and his brother found boxes of picture at this point everyone was tired but the story and laughter just flowed for what seamed like hrs. I loved hearing all the stories seeing the smiles and hiding of embarrassing pictures. I also got to connect with my father-in-law like never before. All around it was a great day and I felt like I was part of a real family the family that I would dream about when I was a kid.

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