Disciplining Teenage Monsters in a social media world

Mom Life

My middle Monsters got herself into a little trouble on social media so my husband and I choose to have her take a social media break. she has had a lot of trouble with this she has asked almost everyday to have her phone back. Her phone and laptop were taken away only after school and homework was done. She thinks we are the worst parents in the world but I am slowly seeing a change in her. She has been helping out more I am also seeing her more lol. Our family had a game night which we have not had in quite some time but here is my question should I let the break be over or see if longer would be beneficial to her? Should I sit down and see if she would be willing to have a longer break? I am just seeing my monster the way she was before the phone!!! She is talking to me more I am just worried things will go back to her face always being in a phone??? Please don’t get me wrong we have rule and limits but it is a ver hard balance when parenting teenage Monster. They are growing up in a scary social media based world!!!!!!!!

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