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Holy crap

Holy crap my life changed with 4 little words MOM I got this!!! With these words so many emotions hit me my Monsters are slowly learning to be independent yes I have 2 teenage monsters but my youngest monsters will be 10 in 4 short months holy crap these 10yrs flew by!!!! My youngest Monster told me mom I got this and I just about lost it because he is my last baby and when my husband and I decided to stop having monsters I didn’t know that decision would come with so many emotions. I was not ready for this season of motherhood. I never listened when people said the time would fly by. I wish I did because man I miss those baby and toddler years. I love watching him learn to be independent but it is slowly breaking my heart! So here is my advice enjoy every single second of motherhood the good bad and the ugly because it is gone in what seams like a minute!!!!! Yes I know that I am a mom forever but you only have a little time when they are little. So I have a question do any of you moms out there have these kinds of emotions? Do any of the moms out there who have chosen not to have anymore Monster do you have guilt or this weird regret or are an emotional mess?

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