My Husband had to be MR Mom!!!

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Last week My Husband had to play Mr Mom because I was sick. Can I please tell you how hard it was to let him be Mr mom because I am very hands on with my little Monster I am not the type of person who can stay in bed even if I am sick. Here is a little back story I hate not being in control because for so long I had no control but since I took control back I have a hard time giving it up. He did a very good job not like me but he got things done. This morning I woke up feeling much better not fully myself but I vacuumed and took back control it was so nice. My husband was very happy to give me back my Monster keeper status.


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Why do these Monsters always ask for their mom not dad? Why do these Monsters think it’s ok to bother moms in the bathroom but not dads? So here is the thing my Monster wait till I am showering, going to the bathroom, brushing my teeth or even just washing my face when they need something but my husband can do all that in peace. My little Monster will talk my ear off all day every time I turn around one of the Monsters are there. Don’t get me wrong I love them and I love that they want to tell me everything about the days they had but I would like to have just a fraction of the peace they give my husband. He comes home “How was your day” they give him it was good,ok,and great. Why is that???

Ending Another Year!!!!!

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This year has had a lot of challenges but man our family has become so close. I hate Covid as much as the next person but this Bit** helped my family in a huge way. How has Covid hurt or help the other Monster Keepers out there? I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. I have learned some amazing things about me as a mom, wife, women, and person. The things I learned as a mom are I still have so much to learn and that it is ok to to admit that every now and then you are wrong and screw things up!! As a wife I found my voice that I lost so many years ago. The things I have learned as a women is I am so strong way stronger than I could have ever imagined. I learned that as a person I can accomplish anything and I have a voice that I need to use more!!!! My little Monsters have amazed me thought all this covid sh** I can’t believe how resilient they are. These Monster are doing great with everything that they are dealing with in this scary time.

When your a monster keeper!!!!!

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When you are a monster keeper you never seen to get a minute to yourself. I learned how to cheat the system I wake up early before everyone. I use that time to have my coffee in the quiet hours of the morning. This doesn’t always happen but when it does it is pure bliss quiet hot coffee moments are the little things that keep monster keepers going. So here is my question what is your pure bliss? Because I know that every monster keeper has one!!!


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Holy crap

Holy crap my life changed with 4 little words MOM I got this!!! With these words so many emotions hit me my Monsters are slowly learning to be independent yes I have 2 teenage monsters but my youngest monsters will be 10 in 4 short months holy crap these 10yrs flew by!!!! My youngest Monster told me mom I got this and I just about lost it because he is my last baby and when my husband and I decided to stop having monsters I didn’t know that decision would come with so many emotions. I was not ready for this season of motherhood. I never listened when people said the time would fly by. I wish I did because man I miss those baby and toddler years. I love watching him learn to be independent but it is slowly breaking my heart! So here is my advice enjoy every single second of motherhood the good bad and the ugly because it is gone in what seams like a minute!!!!! Yes I know that I am a mom forever but you only have a little time when they are little. So I have a question do any of you moms out there have these kinds of emotions? Do any of the moms out there who have chosen not to have anymore Monster do you have guilt or this weird regret or are an emotional mess?

Disciplining Teenage Monsters in a social media world

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My middle Monsters got herself into a little trouble on social media so my husband and I choose to have her take a social media break. she has had a lot of trouble with this she has asked almost everyday to have her phone back. Her phone and laptop were taken away only after school and homework was done. She thinks we are the worst parents in the world but I am slowly seeing a change in her. She has been helping out more I am also seeing her more lol. Our family had a game night which we have not had in quite some time but here is my question should I let the break be over or see if longer would be beneficial to her? Should I sit down and see if she would be willing to have a longer break? I am just seeing my monster the way she was before the phone!!! She is talking to me more I am just worried things will go back to her face always being in a phone??? Please don’t get me wrong we have rule and limits but it is a ver hard balance when parenting teenage Monster. They are growing up in a scary social media based world!!!!!!!!

New stage in Parenthood!!!!

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This Monster keeper just hit the hardest part of Parenthood!! Teenage DATING scary scary crap!!! I know that I have said this before but now one ever prepared me for this stage of parenting. This parenting in the social media age is hard but having teenagers who are dating during this time is even harder. I don’t even know where to start I am trying to set realistic boundaries but this is a scary world we live in. My husband and I took our middle Monster on her first date we wanted to be there to see how he treated her. We wanted him to understand our rules and our boundaries. Don’t get me wrong I know that kids act different when parents are around. I hope I am doing what’s best for them. I am just very unsure of how to parent is this social media age. So here is my Question how do you handle this? How do your kids handle it? What boundaries do you set? I know that I have to trust that I have instilled good values and that they respect my boundaries and rules. I also believe in letting them make mistakes so they can learn how to fix them and so they can learn from them in general!!!!!!

Family Time

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Family time? Our family tries to make time for each other but as the Monsters get older we are finding it hard and hard to have time together. I know that anytime I get with these Monsters is great. I love my little moments with each of them like my early morning talks with my youngest or my coffee dates with my oldest but my favorite time is with my middle Monster (shh don’t tell the other 2 lol) my time with her is my favorite because I never had a mother daughter relationship so mine with her is very important. Here is my question how do I make sure they are having enough time? I never had family time when I was a kid. I want my Monsters to know that they are important and that their time is important too. I know that my time with my 2 oldest Monsters is limited because in a very short time they will be off to college and their own lives!

When is it ok to lighten up!!!!

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My middle monster would like a little more freedom. My husband and have been fighting over how to handle everything from social media to curfew. I grew up with a very strict Grandmother I was not allowed to do much I also had a curfew till the day I moved (I was 20) My husband grew up with parents who were not as strict. Now I would like to give my monster some freedom with in reason because I know what kids who have strict parents are very sneaky and do dumb things like get pregnant young! (speaking from experience) My husband on the other hand wants to keep her on a very short lease! (lol) So here is my question how much freedom is ok? How In this age of social media how do I protect her because I know better than most that some people in this world are awful? (that is the nicest word I could use) I want to let her learn from her own experiences but I also want to protect her! So how do you give your 15yr old Monster freedom that we can both agree on? I also don’t want my middle Monster to feel like we are giving her brother who is only 15 months older then her more freedom. I also understand that what works for one might not work for the other! I also understand parenting is not one size fits all! I have another question but this might cause some controversy. How do I stop my husband from being sexes? He thinks our oldest monster should get more freedom but our middle monster not so much.